Easy Ways to Indulge Mindfully

Learn Easy Ways to Indulge Mindfully. Simple healthy substitutions to enjoy sweets and treats while living a healthy lifestyle.

Easy Ways to Indulge Mindfully - www.platingpixels.comNo matter how much I focus on healthy eating—getting plenty of vegetables and protein while eating less simple carbs, I still crave a bit of indulgence. You know what I mean, something iced, sweet or crispy/crunchy. There’s easy ways to satisfy these cravings, without the guilt. Within this post you’ll learn easy ways to indulge mindfully, which includes easy nutrient-dense MuffinTop snacks.

Let’s start with the simple one. If you crave carbonated drinks, but don’t prefer soda, there’s simple alternatives. Try carbonated water with a bit of fresh squeezed lemon, lime or even honey for an all natural iced craving-buster. Fruit infused water is another option as well. Get bottles made specifically for this or store a pitcher in the fridge.

If you like salty and crunchy, nuts are full of protein, nutrients and healthy fats. Just be careful to limit portions as they pack a lot of calories. For dinner, roasting is a great alternative to fried food. Roasting veggies brings out a caramelized and charred flavor. Roasting potato wedges is just as satisfying as french fries, without the guilt.

Easy Ways to Indulge Mindfully - www.platingpixels.comFor something sweet, try things like fruit or dark chocolate. An easy way to enjoy convenient packaged baked goods without the guilt is VitaTops MuffinTops. They’re loaded with healthy ingredients, and plenty of nutrients like vitamins and protein. I found the Made with Organic Blueberry and Deep Chocolate VitaTops MuffinTops at Kroger. You can find yours at your nearest Publix, Kroger, Stop & Shop, Shop-Rite, or Target locations. However, you won’t find them in the packaged baked goods aisle. Head over to the freezer section, a good sign since these do not include any preservatives.

Easy Ways to Indulge Mindfully - www.platingpixels.com

Simply thaw, defrost or toast for a quick and healthy breakfast, snack or dessert. I’ve been getting up earlier with my new job and quick, convenient breakfast options are always helpful. Just grab one or two, some fruit and coffee and you’re good to go. Or take a moment and enjoy them during relaxing weekend time and a favorite book.

Easy Ways to Indulge Mindfully - www.platingpixels.comVitaTops include clean and simple ingredients, and offer a wide range of nutritional benefits. With 100-150 calories each, you and your family can feel great about enjoying these indulgent treats. Many varieties include superfood ingredients that are organic, protein-rich and/or gluten-free. With a few simple changes and these easy ways to indulge mindfully, you’ll stay on track with your fitness goals and still enjoy your favorite treats.

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