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Live Food Blogging IFBC Conference

One of my favorite things about food blog conferences, besides meeting fellow bloggers, is new experiences like Live Food Blogging IFBC Conference (International Food Blogger Conference). This year’s conference was the first of its kind for IFBC. What is live food blogging you ask? I’ll explain it as well as highlight some of the featured brands and companies in this post.

Live Food Blogging IFBC Conference

Live Food Blogging IFBC Conference started with tables of roughly five food bloggers. Brands rotate between tables with samples and provide information on what makes them unique. Everything from food samples, wines, coffee, tea and mocktails. You’re able to ask questions at the end and generally get to know them a bit. It’s kinda like brand speed dating in groups, with food pairings. The live food blogging part comes from the fact that food bloggers are encouraged to share on social media with certain hashtags throughout the event. It was fun and unique way to end the 2017 IFBC Conference.

Live Food Blogging IFBC Conference

Here’s some fun facts I learned from the brands during Live Food Blogging IFBC Conference:

  • Lindsay doesn’t just make black olive or even olive oil. They now makes almond butter. It’s no stir, and completely smooth, unlike traditional almond butters.
  • California Strawberries provided some useful tips of the benefits of strawberries. Just 8 strawberries a day have been shown to help prevent diseases, and have only 45 calories. They’re low in sugar, and high in fiber and antioxidants. 90% of the strawberries in the US come from California. They’re also hand picked and packaged right in the field. Strawberries taste better at room temp, let them sit out for an hour before serving.
  • Fruits from Chile shared a Chilean Citrus Cooler to highlight their clementines and marinades. The cuties you often buy from the store are available year round thanks to Chile
  • Avocados from Chile take over when California avocados are out of season. Mexico isn’t the only avocado export, as a large amount come from Chile
  • Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters in Sacramento serves a flash brew over ice nitro coffee
  • Allergen Inside provides a resource to help those with food allergies. It links to your grocery store card and uses a proprietary database to track thousands of product, and alert you of potential allergens, including those from cross-contamination in facilities. You’d be surprised how many unsuspecting products, such as a big retailer generic brand baking soda, has a full range of potential allergens.

Live Food Blogging IFBC Conference

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Disclaimer: I was provided discounted IFBC Conference tickets. No other compensation from IFBC or any brand was provided.

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