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Mozzarella Avocado Caprese Salad

Healthy avocado caprese salad full of rich dietary fats and Omega-3’s. Made with fresh mozzarella, avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, olive oil and pumpkin seeds.

Learn how to make a healthy and unique avocado caprese salad that’s gluten free and vegetarian…and filling enough to be an entree!

Mozzarella Avocado Caprese Salad recipe - www.platingpixels.com

When it comes to food, Fresh is Best. There’s nothing like a simple recipe that’s full of filling flavor, clean ingredients and good for you. I recently started reading a book on the health and weight-loss benefits of dietary fats. It sounds strange but it’s been working for me. I mostly cut out carbs and sugar, while upping my healthy fats and protein. I’ve been steadily losing weight, while gaining lean muscle; all without counting calories or following a restrictive diet.

Mozzarella Avocado Caprese Salad recipe - www.platingpixels.comThis Mozzarella Avocado Caprese Salad is a recipe you can indulge in while feeling good. It’s full of healthy fats, protein and nutrients. Avocados are surprisingly beneficial to you, loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. One serving has 7 grams of fiber, or about 27% of your daily intake. The dietary fiber will leave you feeling full long after you eat this light salad. Plus they’re full of various vitamins and antioxidants.Mozzarella Avocado Caprese Salad recipe - www.platingpixels.comMozzarella, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and heart healthy olive oil are included in this Avocado Caprese Salad; all clean ingredients to create a fresh and simple salad. Use high quality olive oil and the freshest possible vegetables. Find quality ingredients (ideally organic) from your local store or farmer’s market for a truly flavorful caprese salad.

Mozzarella Avocado Caprese Salad recipe - www.platingpixels.com

Mozzarella Avocado Caprese Salad recipe at-a-glance:

Flavor profiles: Fresh, bold flavors of avocado, olive oil and fresh mozzarella.
Texture: Soft and creamy with a bit of crunch.

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Mozzarella Avocado Caprese Salad recipe - www.platingpixels.com
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Mozzarella Avocado Caprese Salad

Healthy and omega-3 rich avocado caprese salad.
Course Salad
Cuisine Italian
Keyword avocado caprese salad, easy avocado salad, easy caprese salad
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Calories 333kcal
Servings 4
Author: Matt Ivan
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  • 8 ounces fresh mozzarella
  • 1 large avocado
  • ½ cucumber
  • 1 cup cherry tomatoes
  • ¼ cup pumpkin seeds, unsalted
  • cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 tablespoons sliced fresh basil
  • Sea salt and pepper to taste


  • Cut mozzarella into small cubes or use melon baller to make small orbs. Cut avocado and cucumber into ½-inch cubes.
  • Place cubes in a medium bowl and stir in tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and olive oil until evenly coated.
  • Garnish with basil, and salt and pepper to taste when serving.
Nutrition Facts
Mozzarella Avocado Caprese Salad
Amount Per Serving
Calories 333 Calories from Fat 144
% Daily Value*
Fat 16g25%
Saturated Fat 2g13%
Cholesterol 0mg0%
Sodium 8mg0%
Potassium 408mg12%
Carbohydrates 7g2%
Fiber 4g17%
Sugar 1g1%
Protein 2g4%
Vitamin A 360IU7%
Vitamin C 15mg18%
Calcium 18mg2%
Iron 1mg6%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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  1. 5 stars
    This was a light and refreshing side! I wouldn’t have thought to add pumpkin seeds to this type of salad. That was a yummy surprise.

  2. 5 stars
    I just loved the avocado addition to your typical caprese salad! It was such a delicious touch and really elevates the dish.

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