New Seasons Market in Sunnyvale: A Unique Grocery Experience

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Whether you’re an avid food lover and blogger who shops multiple times a week, a parent planning for weeknight family meals, a health-conscious consumer, or the occasional cook, there’s something for everyone at New Seasons Market in Sunnyvale. While I focus mainly on sharing recipes here on the blog, this recently opened store is too unique to not share.

New Seasons Market in Sunnyvale -

Everything about New Seasons Market in Sunnyvale is crafted to create a welcoming and valuable experience for the shopper. From the moment you walk in you can sense this. The smell of fresh lilies from the full-service floral shop sweetens your senses. Next you’ll notice the produce section, which is prominently featured at the front of the store. With common as well as seasonal produce, and the majority of it organic, it’s easy to find what you need. I often have a hard time finding figs at most stores, while here there was a display of three different types of fresh, organic figs.

New Seasons Market in Sunnyvale -

The company prides itself on knowledgeable staff, a welcoming environment, and helping the community. Employees are crossed-trained, passionate and helpful beyond just locating an item. For example, the supplements section is always staffed with a trained expert to answer any questions you may have. They also provide a resource to contact a nutritionist for even more help. The store is 84% waste-free, donates 10% of it’s profits to the community and various charities, and is the first ever certified B-corp grocery store in America. This means they meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

New Seasons Market in Sunnyvale -

New Seasons Market is truly different from other grocery stores, even similar ones in the health and whole food categories. Here’s a few of my favorite features:

  • 75% organic produce section, featuring a vast amount of items from local farms
  • Food samplings throughout the store. Not just sampling stations though, you can try anything in the store. Just ask and they’ll open a package or cut off a slice of fresh produce for you
  • Bulk bins where you can bag only what you need of most common pantry staples and snacks
  • In-house full-service butchery with a focus on hormone/antibiotic-free, and grass-fed meats
  • Mostly wild-caught seafood section with knowledgeable fishmongers
  • In-house bakery that makes over 30 types of fresh bread daily
  • Pastry and dessert shop
  • Staffed gourmet cheese section with samplings
  • Full-service floral shop with rotating seasonal flowers
  • Fresh-made sushi, stir-fry, sandwiches, smoothies and prepared foods
  • Beer and wine bar (including happy hours) with bar food

This all barely scratches the surface. Did I mention that it’s competitively priced, and all much cheaper than you’re used to paying at health food stores?

New Seasons Market in Sunnyvale -

The produce especially is reasonable thanks to their close relationship with many local farms in the Bay Area and Northern California, helping reduce distribution costs, while increasing freshness and quality. One top of that, they regularly have sales. You’ll find signs throughout the produce section and store that provide info on the farmers, the item, or method of growing/harvesting. There’s also tags in the seafood section that tell you where and how each fish was sourced.

New Seasons Market in Sunnyvale -

You’ll also find their own line of Partner Brand products throughout the store. Everything from olive oil, pasta, canned goods, snacks, sweets and dairy products. This is in addition to common items and brands you’re used to seeing in a grocery store. While the Partner Brand items may not be the cheapest in that category, it’s often the best quality. You’ll find maple syrup sourced specifically from Vermont, because that’s where you want your maple syrup from. During the holidays you can find truffles from France. Even their packaged tuna is caught in ideal waters near Portland, and each package tells you the boat and captain’s name.

New Seasons Market in Sunnyvale -

If you live or travel to the Bay Area, Portland or Seattle, then you must experience it for yourself. Keep an out out for a third store coming to the Bay Area’s Emeryville neighborhood this winter. Visit New Seasons Market online to learn more about the company, their departments, events, classes, and to find a store near you.

New Seasons Market in Sunnyvale -

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  1. rika says:

    This market looks amazing and very clean! I love buying organic produce.

  2. I love grocery shopping. People think I’m crazy. There’s something fun and adventurous just walking down grocery stores and finding new things to play with. New Seasons Market looks like heaaaaaaaaaaven! haha! 🙂

  3. Dahn says:

    wow this looks like an amazing market, I have not heard of them but I am an hour away from Seattle and it looks like they have a store on Mercer Island, I will have to check them out.

  4. What a nice store! The website is really helpful too. They seem to offer everything!

  5. Looks like a gorgeous market, I’d love to have something like this close to home!

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