Matt Ivan - Plating Pixels Food BlogWhat is Plating Pixels anyways?

Hi! This is Matthew Ivan. I’m obsessed with food, and want to share that with you all. So look around, have fun and learn a lot about cooking from our recipes and cooking tips. Then keep coming back for more.

Plating Pixels features delicious recipes that anyone can make, usually 10 ingredients or less. I love lightened up and, comfort food so you’ll find plenty of that. This includes desserts, baked goods, snacks, entreés, plus healthy recipes and anything tasty quite frankly. Recipes include common ingredients that are easy to find, while still creating rich and flavorful dishes.

I’m glad you you landed up this site and will keep coming back for more recipes and updates. Stay posted for myjourney of life through food, photography and the joys of sharing these with others. Be sure to sign up to get all my recipes and cooking tips.

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In addition to the cooking tips and resources found throughout our blog, we developed an eCookbook. It’s called 30 Minutes to Healthy Eating Cookbook and Meal Planner. View it here.

For more on the food science aspects of this site read the introduction post here.

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For those that are interested, read on for a more in-depth look into the site:

Matthew & Olia - About Plating Pixels

First things first, the name. It was important to have a name that was unique, brandable and demonstrates the ideas behind the food blog. The site features quality recipes, as well as food photography, plating, cooking and food science tips. In a way we are literally plating pixels, that name only seemed natural.

I (Matthew) do the writing, technical and internet stuff, and the food photography. Olia and I cook (and clean) together, and Olia is always on the lookout for new recipe ideas and inspiration.

Plating Pixels started the same way most projects do, with an idea and a passion behind it. Photography has always been a hobby, and recently I decided to combine it with food. I’m a graphic designer and did not receive any formal culinary training or take any cooking classes; what I do have is a love for food, and a constant passionate drive to keep learning how to make incredibly delicious recipes. Cookbooks and magazines are a slight obsession for my girlfriend and I, so we’re never short on ideas and inspiration. An easy way to start learning to cook is by reading recipes and practicing. Once you become comfortable with that you can start modifying or even creating recipes of your own from scratch.

We literally think, sleep and live for food; with other interests and hobbies of course. It was only natural to find a structured and encouraging way to pursue this. An online food blog is an ideal way to keep you focused and on track. I set a goal to post a certain amount of recipes per week, while writing insightful, informative and interesting content to go with it. Irresistible, quality food photography is a must as well. The best way to learn all this is to just start. Decide and buy that domain name, write that first post or recipe and put it online. You can read, study and learn along the way. Always take that first step with anything you are passionate about. Only then will you see new angles and insights along the way to your goals.

Interested in starting your own food blog and finding your passion? Read my in-depth guide here.

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