Spring Date Idea: Simple Patio Picnic

Looking for spring date ideas? Try a simple patio picnic. Enjoy a fun and romantic picnic right in your own patio. All you need is a few supplies, wine and food pairings.

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Spring Date Idea: Simple Patio Picnic - platingpixels.comMost of my favorite activities involve being outdoors—everything from hiking, relaxing on the beach, reading under the shade, farmers markets and summer concerts. Sometimes you want a quick retreat, without a lot of planning or travel time. While it’s not quite beach weather, there’s plenty of options for spring date ideas. A simple patio picnic is an easy way to enjoy the outdoors, from the comfort of your own home!

If you live in an apartment, you probably know backyards are basically non-existent. Having a pato is the next best thing. In this post I’ll share simple tips for having a simple patio picnic. This works with friends, family or a loved one. Let’s address the obvious issue for those who don’t have a patio. You can enjoy a simple picnic in the common area, a nearby park or even your living room on a rainy day.

Spring Date Idea: Simple Patio Picnic - platingpixels.com

Spring Date Idea: Simple Patio Picnic

Seating and supplies

Most importantly, you’ll need a surface to sit on. I used this convenient picnic blanket. It’s soft on top, waterproof on the bottom and folds up for easy storage. Next you’ll need some plates, napkins and cups. You can find plastic equivalents of items like wine glasses at your local homegoods store. Some seasonal colored napkins go a long way to add charm. A bin with ice is a creative way to store your wine.

Spring Date Idea: Simple Patio Picnic - platingpixels.com

What wine to serve at a picnic

The most common items for a picnic are meats, cheeses and some sort of drink. For my simple patio picnic, I served 2016 Decoy Sonoma County Chardonnay and 2017 Decoy California Rosé. Lighter wines like whites have a spring feel to them. It’s a simple way to elevate your occasion with everyday wine for the well informed. Their Rosé is unlike most rosés, which are made as a byproduct of bleeding off juice from red wine fermentations. Instead the grapes for this wine were specifically harvested at lower Brix to make a dry rosé. To further preserve the wine’s flavors and crisp refreshing mouthfeel, it’s fermented entirely in stainless steel.

Spring Date Idea: Simple Patio Picnic - platingpixels.com

What to pair with wine at a picnic

A platter of meats and cheeses is an easy way to complete your patio picnic. Serve rich, flavorful cheeses like brie, gouda and sharp cheddar along with meats such as prosciutto and salami. Salty sides such as olives and nuts also work well. Of course it wouldn’t be a spring picnic without fresh strawberries and fruit to go with your wine.

Spring Date Idea: Simple Patio Picnic - platingpixels.com

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  1. Lisa Bryan says:

    Love all of these ideas and will have to give that wine a try!

  2. You’re making want to have a picnic right now! And I wouldn’t say no to glass or two 😉

  3. Emily says:

    This is such a great post with great ideas, now to wait for the warmer weather!

  4. Dannii says:

    Oh I wish we had the weather for this at the moment. It looks like just what I need.

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